Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last Day of Leisure

Doesn't he just look like mischief!!

Jaxton's way of sliding down!!

Dancing on his way to the front yard to destroy my flowers!!

Looking very sweet

Giving mommy a paperclip he got out of my school bag that he is sitting on

It is sad to think today is the last day I can be lazy if I choose to. Today was my nieces birthday, she turned five and starts kindergarten tomorrow. We had a good time visiting with family. I got to see the newest cousin, Kylee who is three weeks old. She was born at 34 weeks, but she is very strong and gaining weight which is wonderful. Jaxton always has a wonderful time playing with his two cousins, Lauren and Raegan. After the party, we headed home to get supper started. I made a quick trip to the school to drop off some things so I wouldn't forget them on Monday. It was still nice outside so we let Jaxton play to burn off some of his energy!! He loves playing in his clubhouse, but always ends up in the front yard playing in the bird bath and pulling the petals off of my flowers. I hardly have any flowers left!! I finished up some last minute notes for school tomorrow and I am off to try to go to bed early for a change. It is going to be a very exhausting week. Brandon leaves tomorrow to go to Little Rock for training until Thursday !! When he is gone like that, I try my best to have all clothes ironed, laundry caught up (if that is possible), and everything stocked to make my week easier. We will see how it goes!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Not much of a night owl anymore, I was ready to go to bed at 9:30!

Jaxton enjoying the rocker his size

He decided he would rather be in the big rocker
I had a great birthday weekend. I turned the big 25 on Monday!!!! We started celebrating
on Friday. Brandon took me to Memphis to eat, shop, and stay the night. He let me sleep in on Saturday until 7:30 (my son is an early bird so this is late for me). We did not do a lot during the day on Saturday. I went to Amber's jewelry party Saturday night. I got some really cute earrings and necklaces. Sunday we met my mom and brother at Cracker Barrel to eat. On my actual birthday, I spent the day in workshops. Luckily they were not too boring. That night we met my Dad at Outback and enjoyed a great supper. So needless to say I went to a lot of eating places for my birthday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enjoy all of the good food like I had hoped because I was sick to my stomach all weekend and ended up having to go to the doctor on Sunday. But I feel a lot better now and I am just hoping the days go by really slow the rest of the week.