Monday, January 5, 2009

Brandon and I before our Sunday Class's Christmas Social (We were suppose to were sweaters like that)

His rotten smile when he wants his way

He would rather sit IN the drum than play it

Relaxing with his juice

Jaxton letting people push him on his new scooter!

He was super excited to have his own tools like his daddy!

Oh, my living room walls! This will definately have to stay outside or in the garage.

Making sure everyone in the living room still remembered he was there

Oh, the trouble those three are going to get in!

Wow! I can not believe it is already January! Where did the time go? I wish it would slow down because Jaxton is growing up so fast. We have entered the world of "Terrible Twos" already. He is all boy and loves climbing and jumping off of things. He wants things done his way and when he want it. He is very stubborn like his daddy. For the past month, we have talked about the potty with him and Santa brought him one. He absolutely loves it! Not that he is using it. He loves to play on it because it plays music and he will sit there and dance. He did use it twice and after the second time when we were telling him how proud we were, he put his hand in his potty! It was one of those moments when you are so disgusted and proud at the same time. Those are the moments you laugh off and will never forget. Right before he is about to do something he knows he is not suppose to or right after he will give his mischievous smile that melts your heart. I USED to say that I would NEVER let my son do half of the things he does. I now say, I HOPE my son doesn't do that. Luckily he is a very loving little boy and it makes it all better. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful son and husband.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My first haircut! The rare times my son gets a sucker!

Mommy and her little biker!

Loving on my cousin Raegan

Eating at daycare's Halloween Party!

Jaxton picking out a pumpkin from Uncle J's

Wow how time flies! My little baby boy is 18 months today! It seems like yesterday I was waiting and waiting for his arrival (he was only 11 days late). I was telling Jaxton that his birthday was very special today because his age in months was how many hours I was in labor with him. He has changed so much and has developed a very "I'm the Boss" personality. He is going to be my little daredevil. He would live outside if it was possible. This winter is going to be hard on him having to stay inside. The latest kick he is on is jumping. He thinks it is so funny when he jumps and gets both feet off of the ground. Also he has a shape puzzle that he can put together all by himself. Now when I give him a shape he will put the shape in every one but the one where it goes. He will skip the one it is suppose to go in and look up at me with a smile. He is a mess. I think I am going to be paying for my two brothers and my brother-in-law's raising.

I have done a horrible job of keeping this updated. With my ASU classes and Brandon working so much lately I barely have time to get anything done. After next week, I will be done with ASU until January and I plan on spending a lot of quality time with my son. I have posted some pictures of what has been going on the past few months.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Missing You Already

I know it has been forever since my last blog. Since school and my ASU classes started, I have been extremely busy. I have spent the last week getting everything done before Brandon goes to Texas to work. He left early this morning to start working on getting electricity restored there. They are planning on them being there for about two weeks. They usually don't let them stay longer than three weeks before they rotate another crew out. He has been wonderful about trying to get everything done so I will not have to do much while he is gone. He spent Friday on his day off, doing laundry and ironing two weeks worth of Jaxton and my clothes (no exaggerating, my laundry room is packed full of ironed clothes). Brandon wanted some pictures of Jaxton to put in his work van so the picture above is a scrapbook page I made for him to take. The messy pics are of Jaxton's first chocolate popsicle and you have to love the pic of him extremely mad. Hopefully the next few weeks will pass by quickly and I can stay caught up at school and with my classes! Keep us in your prayers!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Last Day of Leisure

Doesn't he just look like mischief!!

Jaxton's way of sliding down!!

Dancing on his way to the front yard to destroy my flowers!!

Looking very sweet

Giving mommy a paperclip he got out of my school bag that he is sitting on

It is sad to think today is the last day I can be lazy if I choose to. Today was my nieces birthday, she turned five and starts kindergarten tomorrow. We had a good time visiting with family. I got to see the newest cousin, Kylee who is three weeks old. She was born at 34 weeks, but she is very strong and gaining weight which is wonderful. Jaxton always has a wonderful time playing with his two cousins, Lauren and Raegan. After the party, we headed home to get supper started. I made a quick trip to the school to drop off some things so I wouldn't forget them on Monday. It was still nice outside so we let Jaxton play to burn off some of his energy!! He loves playing in his clubhouse, but always ends up in the front yard playing in the bird bath and pulling the petals off of my flowers. I hardly have any flowers left!! I finished up some last minute notes for school tomorrow and I am off to try to go to bed early for a change. It is going to be a very exhausting week. Brandon leaves tomorrow to go to Little Rock for training until Thursday !! When he is gone like that, I try my best to have all clothes ironed, laundry caught up (if that is possible), and everything stocked to make my week easier. We will see how it goes!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Birthday Weekend

Not much of a night owl anymore, I was ready to go to bed at 9:30!

Jaxton enjoying the rocker his size

He decided he would rather be in the big rocker
I had a great birthday weekend. I turned the big 25 on Monday!!!! We started celebrating
on Friday. Brandon took me to Memphis to eat, shop, and stay the night. He let me sleep in on Saturday until 7:30 (my son is an early bird so this is late for me). We did not do a lot during the day on Saturday. I went to Amber's jewelry party Saturday night. I got some really cute earrings and necklaces. Sunday we met my mom and brother at Cracker Barrel to eat. On my actual birthday, I spent the day in workshops. Luckily they were not too boring. That night we met my Dad at Outback and enjoyed a great supper. So needless to say I went to a lot of eating places for my birthday. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enjoy all of the good food like I had hoped because I was sick to my stomach all weekend and ended up having to go to the doctor on Sunday. But I feel a lot better now and I am just hoping the days go by really slow the rest of the week.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

14 months today

One day old
Blowing kisses to Mommy already!!

Jaxton is 14 months!
He wasn't to excited about getting his picture taken 1st thing this morning

Jaxton relaxing while MeMa massages his back

Jaxton giving his MeMa love

It is hard to believe that Jaxton was born 14 months ago. Time has flown by too fast. He woke up a little cranky this morning. He might have not liked that I started his day off by taking his picture. I have been working in my classroom and on lesson plans (doesn't that sound exciting) the past few days. My co-teacher's baby is due September 5, so we have been working on getting lesson plans ready for her maternity leave. I am glad I will have mine done so far in advanced since I am taking two graduate classes this semester. This will relieve some of the stress off of me during the first semester of school. This afternoon we visited with MeMa (Jaxton's great-grandmother). He was so good and wanted to give all of his love to MeMa while we were there. Jaxton is the only great-grandson on that side of the family. Matter of fact he is the only baby we have on that side. The next youngest grandchild is nineteen so Jaxton gets extra spoiled.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What a weekend so far

Helping his daddy!

My little dare devil

Jaxton's new big boy bed

He loves his bubbles

Jaxton acting silly when he was getting down the steps

What Jaxton does when you ask him where his tongue is

So far it has been a productive weekend (I wish I could say that about every one of them). We started out Friday by finishing rewiring some of our internet cables. Now we can have internet in any room (something we should have thought of when we built our house). Jaxton really wanted to help us. Anytime he see someone working with tools he has to help. Afterwards, we decided to convert Jaxton's crib into a toddler bed. I am sad to see his crib gone (even though he hardly slept in it). Since he started teething at 11 months, he has refused to sleep in his crib, so we resorted to a pallet beside our bed. We have finally decided to make the move and put him in his own room. He slept for a total of 3 hours in it his first night and took two short naps in it the next day. We will see how his second night goes. After we assembled the bed, we headed to Paragould to pick up Brandon's work van, brought it home, and then went to Jonesboro to run errands and grocery shop. On Saturday, we finally decluttered and organized our office. A project I have put off all summer. But is feels great to have it completed and another item on my summer to do list checked off. Now if I can just finish the rest before school starts....