Tuesday, July 29, 2008

14 months today

One day old
Blowing kisses to Mommy already!!

Jaxton is 14 months!
He wasn't to excited about getting his picture taken 1st thing this morning

Jaxton relaxing while MeMa massages his back

Jaxton giving his MeMa love

It is hard to believe that Jaxton was born 14 months ago. Time has flown by too fast. He woke up a little cranky this morning. He might have not liked that I started his day off by taking his picture. I have been working in my classroom and on lesson plans (doesn't that sound exciting) the past few days. My co-teacher's baby is due September 5, so we have been working on getting lesson plans ready for her maternity leave. I am glad I will have mine done so far in advanced since I am taking two graduate classes this semester. This will relieve some of the stress off of me during the first semester of school. This afternoon we visited with MeMa (Jaxton's great-grandmother). He was so good and wanted to give all of his love to MeMa while we were there. Jaxton is the only great-grandson on that side of the family. Matter of fact he is the only baby we have on that side. The next youngest grandchild is nineteen so Jaxton gets extra spoiled.

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Will and Heather said...

Can't believe they are growing up so fast!! I love looking at the pictures of Jaxton!