Monday, January 5, 2009

Brandon and I before our Sunday Class's Christmas Social (We were suppose to were sweaters like that)

His rotten smile when he wants his way

He would rather sit IN the drum than play it

Relaxing with his juice

Jaxton letting people push him on his new scooter!

He was super excited to have his own tools like his daddy!

Oh, my living room walls! This will definately have to stay outside or in the garage.

Making sure everyone in the living room still remembered he was there

Oh, the trouble those three are going to get in!

Wow! I can not believe it is already January! Where did the time go? I wish it would slow down because Jaxton is growing up so fast. We have entered the world of "Terrible Twos" already. He is all boy and loves climbing and jumping off of things. He wants things done his way and when he want it. He is very stubborn like his daddy. For the past month, we have talked about the potty with him and Santa brought him one. He absolutely loves it! Not that he is using it. He loves to play on it because it plays music and he will sit there and dance. He did use it twice and after the second time when we were telling him how proud we were, he put his hand in his potty! It was one of those moments when you are so disgusted and proud at the same time. Those are the moments you laugh off and will never forget. Right before he is about to do something he knows he is not suppose to or right after he will give his mischievous smile that melts your heart. I USED to say that I would NEVER let my son do half of the things he does. I now say, I HOPE my son doesn't do that. Luckily he is a very loving little boy and it makes it all better. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful son and husband.

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amber leann said...

Just glad to here that my son is not the only one entering terrible twos, lol!